We´ll always have Paris

Musee Rodin

I´ve been avoiding for a while now to write this post. I had all the pictures ready and I knew what I wanted to write, I just didn´t do it. I don´t really know why, maybe because writing it down, putting it in word would make me more aware of what I feel right now (and some of you know I´m an expert at avoiding to talk about my feelings).

At the beginning of this year I decided to dedicate more time to the things important to me, one of them being my family. And then… the Coronavirus Pandemic happened.

Not having my family with me in these hard times makes everything even more difficult. The feeling of not being in control and not being able to protect them becomes sometimes overwhelming. And the fact that my sister works in a hospital makes everything worse.

But when everything starts to feel hopeless I try to think about the good times we had together and that everything will end soon and we will be safe and together again.

I´m very grateful that just before the pandemic began, we were able to take a “girls´trip” to Paris. Those were three perfect days in the most beautiful city of the world. Cristina and I were very happy we could share with our mother some of the world´s wonders.

Now I try to think about those days, I try not to loose my mind worrying and we (Cristina and I) make plans to take many more trips after this nightmare ends.

Stay safe and until next time!

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