About us


Hi. My name is Diana and I’m a fashion addict. When I’m writing this in my head takes place another meeting of Fashion Addicts Anonymous as I try to overcome my addiction… Well, not really ? Fashion abstinence is not really my goal ?

Let me tell you a little about myself. I was always very fond of fashion and of expressing myself through the clothes I wear. Fashion is, in my opinion, an international language, a language people all around the world understand. For me, it is a way to say ‘This is me and this is how I feel today’. 

The defining moment, the moment when I realised I am and always will be a fashion addict was when I watched the TV series ‘Sex and the city’ and said to myself: ‘I want a closet as full as Carrie’s, a job as fulfilling as Miranda’s, a style as elegant as Charlotte’s and a mind as free as Samantha’s!’.

So now, I’m working on achieving my goals.


Hi! I’m Cristina and I wish you a warm welcome to the Secret Society of Life Lovers! Not so secret though…open to everyone! Being alive is a blessing and we should enjoy every aspect of it. I most certainly do! I love everything beautiful: places, people, make-up, food, experiences.

Cultivating this love for life, I have become a doctor with a twist. In my opinion, you could never be too happy, could you?! And happiness is in everything, making me a make-up addict, a wanderer in the world, a terminal optimist. Join me in this path through everything beautiful in life!


Hi! I am Andrei – a watch obsessed guy training to be a WIS (watch idiot savant). I love to travel, especially by car (me driving, off course). I love reading SciFi and watching a good movie from time to time.

Being the second half of Diana makes fashion to be a widely discussed topic in the family. I also enjoy a good shopping session – maybe a little more than I should. But, what the heck, we have only one life, at least we should enjoy it well dressed.