The journey…

The journey...

When we started this website two years ago, I never thought it would become what it is today. I thought then I would write about fashion and jewelry, mostly about the big world out there and what I like in it. But somehow in time, I changed and my posts on this website changed with me. I realized at some point that I don´t actually like the fast changing fashion world and that I´m actually more conservative than I thought.

The journey...

Or maybe I just came to know myself a little better and to know what I want without being influenced by the trends dictated by others. Don´t get me wrong, I still love fashion, but I can admire it now without having to have it (like you admire a work of art in a museum).

I also realized that I can compensate the stress I have to take in at work with my moments of “slow living” at home (and not by shopping). I don´t watch the news (I gave that up a long time ago), I try to read more, to dedicate more time to … well, ME.

The journey...

Writing is a big part of my Me-Time. As I´m not very good at directly expressing my feelings and putting me “out there”, I try to do this through the things I write. And so, this website changed becoming more personal. I´ve decided to take you with me on my journey to … myself.

The journey...

On that note I say: until next time!

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