The best fashion statement is a healthy body

World Health Organization defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. There is no doubt that one might feel good when comfortable in their own skin, but do they really know how life could be so much better with just a few healthy habits in it?

The life of today is governed by big workloads and high levels of stress and articles all over the Internet say that sports can help reduce it. What I ask you while reading this post is just to make an exercise of imagination and think about how your life could benefit from just a few minutes of exercise every day.

Imagine a really long and hard day at work, everything stressful and it only makes you want to give it all up and finish the night with a movie and some wine. But what about going to the gym and topping a day with an exhausting class of Cardio Boxing? Hit away all that negativity and go home relaxed and fulfilled.  

Anxiety is a very important and frequent cause of insomnia because the body can’t relax properly before falling asleep. Add some light exercise, stretching or yoga before sinking in those soft and warm silk sheets and enjoy better, more restful nights.

 It is well known that some cardio exercise can have a very good impact on your health. The heart is a muscle and while going on a light run, you can also improve your cardiovascular functions. Low impact cardio is also very healthy on joints, making it the best habit you could add to your routine. A little cardio in your life will increase your effort resistance and lower the risk of heart disease. Always start and finish your exercise routine with some stretches and see how that joint pain disappears.

Now let’s talk about the shell. Even form ancient times, people have had a fascination for the beauty of the human body. Remember that the Romans said “Mens sana in corpore sano”? While healthy habits have such a great impact on the mind and health, we can’t neglect that your body will go through some great transformations, becoming stronger and more beautiful. Think about that exquisite Valentino dress you’ve seen in Vogue or that astonishing Armani suit you plan on wearing for an important event coming soon. Now keep in mind that the best way to complement an outfit is with a great body. A great body is the best fashion statement and it will change everything about yourself, improving your confidence and making you the best version of yourself.

Sport is not only a passion, but a necessity as well and I hope that I got you to have a small taste of how your life could be with just a few healthy changes.

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PS. Never start a new exercise routine without talking to a professional who can advise you on the best type of effort for you. If you feel any pain or if you have underlying health issues, consult your doctor before starting a new sport.

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