Blue Jeans, White Shirt

Blue jeans, white shirt

I have given it a lot of thought about what my first article should be. I have figured it should represent what I stand for and as I stand for timeless style with a touch of the newest trends it came to me. There is nothing more timeless than the combo: blue jeans and white shirts. It is something I can wear anywhere (I really do wear it a lot) and can easily be with a few accessories dressed up or if I want it more casual I can dress it down by wearing a white T-shirt.


White shirt, blue jeans

Although everybody has worn it (and by that I literally mean everybody) it is always new and fresh. The catch is that this combo is so simple that it really shows the person wearing the clothes (and the person is always timeless and special). And it fits everybody, too.


Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin wearing a white shirt. Image credits to Marie Claire Magazine


As I have said, I also wear it a lot. This is my go-to outfit when I don’t know what right for the occasion is. I can never go wrong with a white shirt. As the ‘Queen of White Shirts’, Carolina Herrera once said: ‘I love white shirts because they feel like a security blanket. You can wear them with anything. It’s the person and the way they wear it that makes it different. I have been designing white shirts forever, but I don’t get tired of it’.


White shirt, blue jeans in Paris


Over the year I have found some great places where I always find interesting shirts. Of course, the Carolina Herrera shirts are the ‘Holy Grail’. If I want to buy a classic, it must be from Polo Ralph Lauren. The prices are affordable, the materials are good and the styles are always great at Massimo Dutti. If I want something really special (that’s to read a little crazy), but still wearable as an everyday shirt at a great price, I usually turn to Zara.


White shirt, blue jeans near la Tour Eiffel


For a great pair of blue jeans, I go to the ‘King of Jeans’ Tommy Hilfiger. I can never go wrong with Tommy Hilfiger jeans. I can find something for every occasion I can imagine there.

What do you think about this combo?






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