I´m a daydreamer and I´m happy about it. It´s part of me and it´s part of how I deal with my everyday life. Although I try to enjoy every moment of every day, I´m not one of those people who can live 100% in the moment. I never was. When I was younger I used to plan every second and I knew what I was going to do every day for the next five to ten years. That wasn´t very healthy, because many times my plans needed to change due to things that didn´t depend on me and many times I was disappointed.

I´ve given up planning everything now, but I kept the habit of dreaming. I like to imagine my next vacation, or a vacation that will never happen in lands far away and full of color. Whenever I like to escape, I like to imagine myself on the terrace of a little Café in Paris or on a warm sunny beach somewhere in the middle of the ocean. These are my “happy places” and I love that I can visit them whenever I want, but more importantly whenever I need it.

Have you got a “happy place”? If not, give it a try, maybe you will like it. It helps me to relax on hard days when I can have my coffee and spend five minutes far away from my troubles.

Until next time, I wish you sunny days! Stay safe!

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