The new personalization experience with the Fendi IShine Collection

Fendi IShine Collection
Fendi Timepieces presents the new exclusive online personalization service on fendi.com that allows customizing the iconic Fendi IShine timepiece to the client’s heart’s desire.

Fendi IShine Customization

Fendi Timepieces presents the new exclusive online personalization service on fendi.com that allows customizing the iconic Fendi IShine timepiece to the client’s heart’s desire.

Offering 210 possible variations, the Fendi IShine Customization Program combines the customer’s tastes with the Roman Maison’s daring creativity, giving life to very exclusive timepieces.
Expression creativity and personal style FENDI customers can now create their own Fendi IShine timepiece by selecting the perfect combination: case size and materials, gemstones configurations on the dial, leather strap or bracelet. Various materials and colours can be mixed and matched to express the client’s unique personality.

Fendi IShine Customization

The patented mechanism activates the rotation of 3 configurations of gemstones adorning the dial, complementing every mood with ease: 12 white topazes, 12 black spinels and 12 topazes of the colour selected by the customer. Aqua Blue, Kashmir, Misty Pink, Honey or Blazing Red, the 5 sophisticated colour options are available to create a unique dial design. The gemstone choices on the dial are revealed by turning the crown at 3 o’clock embellished with a topaz matching the colour of the selected configuration. To add a touch of uniqueness, the dial is decorated with a white Florentine mosaic mother-of-pearl centre recalling the facets of a diamond.

Fendi IShine Customization

The Fendi IShine Customization Program offers the opportunity to choose between two case sizes (33 mm or 38 mm) available for a totally stainless steel or a two-tone 18 Kt yellow or rose gold plated and stainless-steel versions.

The option of selecting a calfskin leather strap in a variety of colours or a bracelet completes the experience.

This new online program is available exclusively on fendi.com and it allows women to choose every single detail of their Fendi IShine watch, embodying the FENDI’s tradition of luxury customization and creative expertise.

About Fendi Timepieces

FENDI, the Italian luxury House with roots dating back to 1925, began its foray into the world of luxury timepieces in 1988.

Since then, Fendi Timepieces has unveiled some of the most iconic wrist designs for women and men combining Italian taste and Swiss craftsmanship and focusing on the opulence of materials and colours. All Fendi Timepieces are manufactured in Switzerland.

For more information please visit Fendi Website. Other news about Fendi: Momento Fendi and Policromia Pink Opal.

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