Christmas Decorations – it’s never too soon

I love Christmas. I love the whole cold season, I love snow, I love for my nose to freeze and to warm up by drinking a hot chocolate. I’m a true winter child. For me winter actually begins at the middle of November on my birthday. When I was little it used to snow in November and I always thought of it as nature’s present for me.

Now that I’m older and there is less and less snow where I live, I try to bring that winter feeling in my house through something else: some decorations here and there, the familiar scent of winter spices, cosiness and warmth and more time with my family. I think in winter time somehow slows down and so should we, we all should take a little more time for us, to allow ourselves to have a break and just do nothing, to spend more time with our loved ones just loving them…

Of course, spending time just relaxing is a lot easier in the cosiness and warmth of a real HOME. I wrote HOME with capital letters because not every house is a HOME. A house becomes a HOME when we make it our own, when we put our HEART in it. And what easier way to make our house into our HOME this season than by making it ready for Christmas?

H&M Home offers us a variety of decorations that will melt Santa’s heart, I know it melted mine…

Image credits H&M Home
Image credits H&M Home
Image credits H&M Home

Zara Home offers us a Christmas for every taste. Although I like my Christmas Traditional, the other styles seem quite interesting too. Maybe it would be fun to imagine myself in a completely different world … 

Classic Christmas

Nordic Christmas

Sophisticated Christmas

Contemporary Christmas

Do you think it’s too soon for Christmas decorations?

Until next week!

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