Almost Winter

I can´t believe it´s the end of November already. My life has this year bin full of ups and down and I hardly noticed how time went by. I spent the last few months making plans, then changing them, then having really bad days with [Read More]

The man in your life deserves the best for Christmas – Le Slip Français

Hey, ladies, it´s that time of the year again! The time of the year when you toss and turn and can´t sleep at night because the most horrifying of questions comes again and again into your mind: WHAT WILL I GET HIM FOR CHRISTMAS? But [Read More]

Christmas Decorations – it’s never too soon

I love Christmas. I love the whole cold season, I love snow, I love for my nose to freeze and to warm up by drinking a hot chocolate. I’m a true winter child. For me winter actually begins at the middle of November on my [Read More]