Benefit – They’re Real Mascara review

The first time I’ve laid my hands on „They’re Real” mascara from Benefit, I was doing my make-up at Sabina’s and I’ve asked her to lend it to me. This is her favorite mascara and after I’ve used it a few times it has become [Read More]

My Top 5 Red Carpet Looks from the Venice Film Festival 2018

There is something special about fashion at the film festivals. They all have a red carpet and the movie stars are always shiny and glamourous, but each film festival has a certain “je ne sais quoi” of its own. I think the red carpet looks [Read More]

Fiona Krüger Chaos Entropy I Watches

The Entropy I Collection brings a touch of colour in the Chaos Collection. BANG! CRASH! POW! Three new watches that fit excellently  her or him. The Chaos of perfection or the perfection in Chaos? Let’s find out. [Read More]