Benefit – They’re Real Mascara review

Benefit They're real mascara

The first time I’ve laid my hands on „They’re Real” mascara from Benefit, I was doing my make-up at Sabina’s and I’ve asked her to lend it to me. This is her favorite mascara and after I’ve used it a few times it has become my favorite as well.

When it comes to this kind of product, everyone’s needs are different. Someone might wish for longer lashes, someone else might wish for a dramatic look, thus making our perceptions of them different depending on our expectations.

1. Packaging

I must say that a product’s packaging might not be the most important thing, but I like my cosmetics to be pretty as well as make me pretty. For this mascara, the tube is not very special. Although, I like its simplicity and its chrome color (at least for the black one). I can’t really say I loved it, but there’s nothing to dislike about it.

Benefit mascara tube and brush

2.  Formula

What can be said about the formula except that it’s great? Well, it’s great. Although there is nothing written on the tube about being waterproof, I can honestly say that it isn’t at all runny. Nonetheless, it doesn’t get dry or flaky. The color is very intense, a really nice black.

one coat of They're real mascara
One coat of Benefit “They’re real” mascara
two coats of They're real mascara

Two coats of Benefit “They’re real” mascara

The brush is delightful, it separates the lashes very well and it doesn’t give a clumpy finish. Overall, after using this brush you get a lot of volume, also making the lashes longer and curlier. I also love that the tip of the brush can be used for the corner of the eyes, making it a lot less difficult for a very calibrated look.

Benefit They're real mascara brush

A list of ingredients can be consulted at the following link: https://www.benefitcosmetics.com/uk/en-gb/product/theyre-real-lengthening-mascara

3. Price-Quality

From my point of view, the price of this product is not excessive (around 25 Euros), especially for what it offers. It’s a high-end product of good quality with a reasonable price.

4. Overview

This mascara is one I would totally recommend, one of the best I have tried so far and I am sure I will buy it again and again. Furthermore, “They’re real!” has great reviews from a high number of users and I’ve mostly seen only great things about it on most websites, blogs or online shops.

All in all, I hope that if you acquire this product, it will make you as happy as it made me!

Much love,


Photos by Sabina&Cristina

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