My first trip to Poland – Lodz, a modern old town

Earlier this year I had the chance to visit for the first time Poland. As I come from a former communist country I have to admit that I had certain expectations, but Lodz really managed to surprise me. It is full of life and of love for beauty.

I did not have much time to spend in this beautiful town, actually I only had one day to walk the pretty streets and enjoy the impressive architecture. The beautiful buildings wear the signs of various periods in the life of vibrant Lodz. I loved that the people tried to keep the old buildings as a part of their past, a past that they are proud of. I was even more surprised that these managed to survive the communist period. That is why the people of Lodz have my admiration.

I also found the town full with a love of art I never knew could exist in a former communistic country. Although Lodz was initially an industrial town and I think industry still play a great role in the life of this town, the love for beautiful art pieces smooths its rough edges. I was pleasantly surprised to find art pieces in the most unexpected of place, like a bus stop.

Another interesting place, which shows the great industrial heritage of the town is the Manufaktura shopping center. It used to be a textile factory that was transformed in the most important site on tourist, cultural and commercial maps of Lodz. 

In the evening when we arrived, we had a typical Lodz art experience: the Light Move Festival, where many visual art pieces are exposed all over town. You can read more about it here.

But the main purpose of my visit was to take part at the AuroChronos Watch Festival.
AuroChronos is a place where small independent watch manufacturers with unique style and individuality come together, have a great time and present their latest creations. The atmosphere is warm and familiar, and the accent is put on the history of the origins and development of watch companies. Exhibitors have a unique opportunity to present themselves to a broader audience and find potential business partners, distributors or representatives. But first and foremost, AuroChronos Festival is a great opportunity to unite the watchmaking community.

In conclusion, Lodz is worth a visit. I found an unexpected and strange beauty in this town and I´m looking forward to my visit next year to explore more of it.

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