Motivation 101: How to really go to the gym

On New Year’s Eve, most of us make plans for the year to come and aspire to be better people, live healthier lives, do more of what we love etc. However, some of us tend to forget all about this in February and all the investments we thought will be in our benefit go to waste. One of the most common items on the Resolutions lists is going to the gym, but how can we really make a habit out of this?

All new beginnings are tough and if you don’t start the right way, you might not even discover that this gym thing is something that you like. The good news is that you can start all over again and I want to share my experience on how I got to love it.

Choose a gym that is close to your home/workplace

If you fear not being motivated enough to go to the gym, you must minimize the factors that might make you skip it. Sometimes, for me, this is the location of the gym center. If it is too far away or not in my way home from work, I might be tempted to not go if I feel tired.

Every time I fight this feeling and I actually get to the gym, I don’t regret it because I feel great after. I must admit, though, that sometimes I go through a difficult struggle. Therefore, my advice is to choose the location wisely!

Go with a friend

A friend might be just the motivation you need to get out of bed, put your sneakers in that gym bag and get going! If you make plans with someone to go to the gym together, it will be harder for you to skip it, because you promised to be there. Moreover, a friend might motivate you when you feel tired, by remind you how great you feel every time you finish a workout and how beautiful your abs will look this summer.

Don’t forget: You must do the same for them!

Don’t buy a yearly membership before you’ve tried it

Not every place is a good fit for you. I, myself, have tried several gyms in town and I have worked with a few trainers, until I found the perfect one for me. Therefore, I must advise going to a few classes, maybe make a one month subscription, before buying a yearly membership.

Most people think that this will motivate them, but imagine if the instructor is not a type of person that you might like or you don’t find the conditions proper, wouldn’t that just be a waste of money? However, I don’t think that if you have tried one place and you didn’t like it, all places will be the same. I am sure that if you keep seeking, you will find someplace you will love!

Find activities that you enjoy

Gyms usually offer a wide range of workouts and not every type might be right for you. Firstly, you should consider health issues when choosing the type of class you want to take part of. Secondly, in my opinion, the most important thing is choosing a activity you enjoy.

In my case, the workouts I enjoy most are cardio based, with fight elements included. I also go to strength workout as I want to build a bit of muscle mass and I have to admit I have some preferences in this area as well.

All in all, workouts I enjoy most are Tae bo, Kangoo Jumps, core trainings and HIIT. Workouts that don’t click for me are Zumba, Pilates, Yoga and Body PUMP. Also, I am more of a class kind of person and I don’t really like running on a track or using the fitness machines.

Dress to impress…. or not

The gym is a place you should feel comfortable at and you should look however you enjoy looking.

If you like wearing make up, wear it and if you don’t, you shouldn’t put it on! Moreover, if you like fancy gym outfits, color coordinated and pretty gym shoes, go ahead and be as pastel as you like, or if you like only black tights, dress accordingly!

My only advice in this area is to feel comfortable and don’t snap under any kind of peer pressure.

However, my opinion is that when you shop for sport wear, your first concern should be quality. If you wear good shoes, this will put less pressure on your feet and legs and decrease chances of getting injured. Good quality sport bras, that provide the right amount of support, won’t cause any pain and you can go about your workout care free!

I hope you enjoyed these tips and you will stick to your resolutions this New Year!

Much love,


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