Kiehl’s Smoothing Leave-in Concentrate review

oil infused concentrate

I love autumn. Well, actually, I love most things about autumn. I love the wardrobe change, I love the pumpkin spice, I love the cold mornings and warm afternoons and I love that all my favorite TV series start new seasons. Nevertheless, there are things that get on my nerves in autumn, one of which being that the cold weather is not flattering with my hair. 

My hair has been through a lot of changes and I’ve tried many products in the search of healthy, luscious and shiny hair. There are a lot of products I’ve loved over the years, but I want to tell you about one that I especially like to use during cold weather when there is a tendency to frizz. 

Kiehl's oil infused leave-in cocentrate

This would be Kiehl’s Smoothing Oil-infused Leave-in Concentrate, a tiny drop to help keep those rebel strands into place for a smooth pulled together look.

Kiehl’s Smoothing Leave – in Concentrate

1. Packaging

The packaging is mostly plain, but I think the simplicity of it makes a statement about all those natural ingredients it contains. It is a really basic brown bottle, with a really helpful pump. All in all, there is nothing to like or dislike about it, 

2. Formula

Here is where the magic begins. From the first pump you can feel the beautiful scent that will soon flatter your hair. For medium hair you only need 1-2 pumps, therefore a small quantity goes a long way. And the effects…are amazing: really nice hydration, no frizz, no heavy feeling, just luscious, shiny, healthy strands of hair. Also, something really worth mentioning is that even if you might have greasy hair, using this oil-infused concentrate and it will still feel quite lightweight.

Checking www.kiehls.com you can find all the information about this product’s ingredients and I was impressed to find only a small list (usually, the smaller the list, the more natural the product and this is definitely a good sign). The two key ingredients in it are the fair trade Argan oil and the skincare grade Babassu oil.

Kiehl's oil infused leave-in cocentrate

3. Price-Quality

On the official Kiehl’s website, you can see that the retail price is 25$ and this might place it in the more pricier range of hair products. Although it might seem like an investment, a bottle will last for around 6 months and it will do wonders for your hair, especially if you have dry ends and damaged, over processed hair.

4. Overview

I have silver blond bleached hair and I’ve only used this product for a few times but I can say it did wonders. Anyhow, Sabina is already on her 3rd bottle and loves it. It is a great product with a lot of positive reviews online and we hope it will suit you too.

Much love,

Photos by Sabina

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