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5 of my Favorite Skincare Products for Cold Weather

During winter, skincare seems to be even more important than in other seasons. The cold weather might take a toll on our skin and lips and we must give just a tiny bit of extra care. I love winter and all that comes with it. [Read More]

If Stroke Act FAST

On the 29th of October, we acknowledge a very important health issue, during World Stroke Day. Strokes are the third cause of disability worldwide and, this year, the American Stroke Association wants to educate as many people as possible about the FAST warning signs. Image [Read More]

What Is Depression?

World Mental Health Day was last week on October 10th. World Health Organization attributes each year a theme to this day and this year it was  “young people and mental health in a changing world”. Here, at A Sisters’ Thing, we are very dedicated to [Read More]