5 of my Favorite Skincare Products for Cold Weather

During winter, skincare seems to be even more important than in other seasons. The cold weather might take a toll on our skin and lips and we must give just a tiny bit of extra care.

I love winter and all that comes with it. Also, I love the wardrobe and the snow, the cozy evenings at home with a nice book or movie and a cup of hot mulled wine and I also love all the great beauty products I get to use during this time. I have gathered a collection of 5 products I love and that can give you that little extra nourishment and care you need when you have to expose your face to that harsh cool winter wind.

Uriage – Cleansing Oil

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Cleansing my skin might be a struggle during winter. Even though I have acne prone areas, my face is also very dry and this gets even worse during cold weather. Therefore, I love using this Uriage oil every other day to gently cleanse and get rid of any make up that might still be here and there at the end of the day. Also, I think this is a great choice if you might get any irritation or redness after you expose to harsh weather. 

Uriage – Emollient Milk

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After a day out, when I’ve been freezing all the way home, I usually treat myself to a hot salty bath and after that I like to apply the Emollient Milk from Uriage. This is a great product I’ve been using regularly for about 4 years now and I still buy it in crazy quantities because I don’t want to risk being without it! Your body, no matter how dehydrated, will feel better after just a few applications. Moreover, a great perk of owning this product is that I haven’t had any irritation after shaving because I apply it right away. 

Khiel’s – Ultra Facial Cream

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I close my eyes and I imagine a day out in the show, just enjoying a nice walk to see the pretty city lights. All fun and games, but that cold wind on your cheeks is not that fun when you get all flaky and dry to the point they hurt. But Khiel’s Ultra Facial Cream is a great save during the Holiday Season. Super nourishing and hydrating, your skin will just suck it up the moment you apply it!

Khiel’s – Mango Lip Balm

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I went with my friend to the Khiel’s store because she wanted to buy the Ultra Facial Cream. I think they had an offer that day and she got the Mango Lip Balm for free. My lips were chipped and even hurt because it was the first day of snow and I wasn’t prepared for it so I asked her to put a bit of the balm on because I couldn’t take it anymore. Only a small dab and it was love at first sight! The oily texture gets really fast in your lips and I felt and instant relief. Also the mango flavor is incredibly nice.

Too Cool For School – Pumpkin Sleeping Pack

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In cold weather you expose your skin to a lot of harsh conditions and I think a mechanic exfoliators might do more bad, than good. Thus, a product I love to use in stead is the Too Cool For School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack. This a gentle enzyme peel, very hydrating as well. You apply in the evening, before sleep (you can also apply your usual night cream before or after) and in a few uses your skin will look and feel great. It might even help with small imperfections and the aspect of pores.

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