Articles by Dan-Andrei

Wishes for the New Years Eve

When it comes to fashion, I have some favourites. I consider Fashion the ultimate tool for expressing a woman’s beauty and femininity. When it comes to social events I have some expectations. The holidays are the perfect occasions to bring together favourites and to celebrate, in [Read More]

Hermes Arceau Casaque

When Henri d’Origny created the Arceau watch in 1978, he revisited the aesthetic codes of the round watch. Eager to escape the confines of its classicism, he fitted it with asymmetrical lugs in a shape inspired by stirrups.  Four decades later, the story continues. The case of the Arceau [Read More]

Bulgari and Save the Children presents Dreams #MadeReal

Bvlgari and Save the children: dreams start with a vision — but it is only through determination, care and audacity that dreams are made real. It was these shared values that first brought Bvlgari and Save the Children together in 2009, and these values that underpin their ongoing efforts to empower children through [Read More]