Articles by Diana


I´m a daydreamer and I´m happy about it. It´s part of me and it´s part of how I deal with my everyday life. Although I try to enjoy every moment of every day, I´m not one of those people who can live 100% in the [Read More]

The Secret of a Good Marriage

Not long ago we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our marriage, which has got me thinking and wondering how come some marriages work and others don´t. I know the title of this article sounds really promising, but I don´t think anyone has the recipe for [Read More]

A Story of Personal Style

A few days ago we took a day trip to Munich (the first one after the Coronavirus madness) and I really wanted to wear something that made me feel good, but was also stylish and “me”. What did I do? I returned to the basics [Read More]