Articles by Cristina

New Shades for Stunna Lip Paint from Fenty Beauty

When Fenty Beauty was launched in Romania, one of the products that caught my eye was Stunna Lip Paint. At the beginning, only a beautiful shade of red was available and I remember telling Sabina what a pity it was that they didn’t have a [Read More]

What Is Depression?

World Mental Health Day was last week on October 10th. World Health Organization attributes each year a theme to this day and this year it was  “young people and mental health in a changing world”. Here, at A Sisters’ Thing, we are very dedicated to [Read More]

Kiehl’s Smoothing Leave-in Concentrate review

I love autumn. Well, actually, I love most things about autumn. I love the wardrobe change, I love the pumpkin spice, I love the cold mornings and warm afternoons and I love that all my favorite TV series start new seasons. Nevertheless, there are things [Read More]