I like Bulgari: beautiful jewelry and nice watches (some with a fashion touch, other with a powerful Haute Horlogerie note and others with diamond sparks). That why I was trilled about their new holiday campaign: Bulgari Pop Wishes. 


This year, classic holiday traditions are going pop. From its earliest days, Bvlgari has brought a distinctive point of view to everything it touches, lighting it up with signature Bvlgari style—and this holiday season is no exception. Holiday 2018 is all about vibrant, vivid, showstopping colour. For Bvlgari, it’s the best time of year. An occasion of pure delight and celebration—a time to be big, bold, and, in classic Bvlgari style, go all in. It is our great pleasure to introduce the new holiday campaign, Pop Wishes. It promises to reinvent the holidays with larger-than-life Bvlgari flair—and send a message of joy around the world.

Following the thrilling debut of Wild Pop High Jewellery, Bvlgari is once again embracing a mood of irreverence and parody, with a tongue-in-cheek execution that promises to rethink the art of holiday-making. Inspired by comic strip style, textures, layers, and, of course, stunning saturated colours, we’re staking new territory with this campaign—and continuing to wow with an unexpected and always-innovative aesthetic.


Throughout the campaign, the product is the hero. In windows, each piece is styled to pop—emerging from boxes, peek-a-boo-style, or stacked atop candy, lights, ornaments and wrapping paper. Whimsical settings evoke the Christmas countdown, reminding us of the childlike anticipation of giving and receiving. Surreal, stylized images represent the flurry of activity that accompanies Christmas—the wrapping, decorating and cooking—and convey the dazzle and magic found in these traditions. Bright colours and shimmering lights express the heightened senses of the season, and remind the guest to smile, have fun and take everything a little less seriously.


The ultimate boxes of joy, holiday windows will be one of the primary points of engagement for the Pop Wishes campaign. Filled with jewels from Bvlgari’s most iconic collections as well as handmade ceramic charms in the shape of cards, dice, sweets, and candies, they are all about abundance—an explosion of that irrepressible Bvlgari spirit. The eight-point star—a symbol taken from the star that is inlaid on the floor of the Via dei Condotti shop—will also figure prominently. Reimagined in rich colours and Pop Art-inspired patterns like stripes and polka dots, it eschews traditional holiday hues in favor of something more distinctive. The eight-point star also transports a piece of Via Condotti to every Bvlgari boutique in the world. In addition to the meaning it holds for Bvlgari, the star has long been associated with Christmas thanks to the story of the Nativity. Evoking harmony, balance, cosmic order, and the four cardinal directions, it is said to lead the way to Rome, “the capital of the world,” because, as we know, “all roads lead to Rome.”

Bulgari Pop Wishes

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